The Team

Charles Reny, CRHA

Senior Director

Charles Reny has dedicated the past 30 years of his career to talent search. He has held executive-level positions with a number of prominent firms including Cofomo, IBM and R3D. His leadership and team-building skills, coupled with his ability to inspire his staff to achieve high levels of performance, have been the pillars upon which he has built a long and fruitful career. As a senior executive with HUMANI TI, he is the person in charge of office and team management.

Charles has an innate entrepreneurial mindset and a firm belief in the importance of the human element. He has a knack for pairing the right candidates with the right clients, who appreciate his broad recruitment expertise. He is a discerning judge of talent and an excellent listener. His intuition and his people-centric approach have helped him develop an extensive network of contacts over the years, in particular through Sergent Recruteur, a website he founded in 2009, now known as a premier recruiting resource for Montreal-area IT professionals.

Charles was awarded a bachelor’s degree in human resources management from the Université du Québec à Montréal. He is a certified human resources professional (CRHA).

C 514 433-6395

Sylvain Bélanger

Director, Consulting services

Sylvain Bélanger is the Director, Consulting Services at HUMANI TI. He is a seasoned recruiter and a passionate human resources professional with an impressive track record in information technology. His distinguishing characteristics include his keen sense of judgment and his ability to align his efforts with the needs of his clients.

Sylvain has spent 30+ years in IT, starting out as a programmer/analyst at Desjardins. For more than 15 years, he was a computer consultant, serving as a developer, analyst and project manager for a wide range of clients in the Montreal area. He has been working as a recruitment advisor for close to a decade, lending his IT expertise to such firms as LGS-IBM, Odesia and R3D Digital.

Sylvain has a certificate in project management from the Project Management Institute (PMI).

C 514 927-1072

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